Bucket List.

1. Travel to Europe. 

2. Study abroad in Italy for a semester and visit other European countries.

3. Have an article published on Thought Catalog.

4. Intern A LOT: Globe Pequot Press,

5. Obtain a job offer from one of the internships.

6. Visit every state in the US: NJ, NY, CT, VA, FL, CA, MA, NC, PA, RI

7. Own a loft apartment in New York City.

8. Work in New York City.

9. Work my dream job as a journalist for a popular publication.

10. Run a popular blog that has thousands of views every single day.

11. Become a journalist/editor that people actually know of.

12. Go ziplining. 

13. Attend NYU or Columbia for graduate school.

14. Visit New Orleans for my 21st birthday.

15. Get a tattoo. Completed while studying abroad!

16. Meet someone famous.

17. Interview someone famous.

18. Attend a NHL playoff game.

19. Go cliff jumping.

20. Become incredibly invested in something crafty.

21. Spend a long period of time in California.

22. Own a pair of Louboutins (and rock them whenever necessary).

23. Attend and/or work a NY Fashion Week show.

24. Write something everyday for the rest of my life, even if it’s just a list.

25. Set foot on all seven continents.

26. Crash an awards show after party.

27. Spin a globe, stop it with one finger and travel to whichever place my finger is on.

28. Become fluent in Italian.

29. Meet Brandon Stanton and be featured on his blog.

30. See a TED Talk live.

31. Go to Germany during Oktoberfest. Completed while studying abroad!

32. Go to New Orleans during Mardi Gras.

33. Sit with a live studio audience for a TV show.

34. Attend the Sundance Film Festival.

35. Write a book.

36. Ride a gondola through Venice. Completed while studying abroad!

More to come soon!

4 responses to “Bucket List.

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